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Packages & Pricing

Choose the right package for your email volume below from our 3 most popular plans. If you require higher volumes or additional IPs, please contact us for a custom quote based on your requirements.

Package Features
Silver Level

Gold Level

Platinum Level

Message Limit per Month
Message Limit per month 700,000
Message Limit per month 3,000,000
Message Limit per month 5,000,000 (more than 5,000,000?)
*Additional Messages Billed at: $0.00045 per message
Notifications of Email Blocks
Block Removal Notification
ISP Block Removal Requests
Maintain Feedback Loops with Major ISPs
Enhanced Email Management
IP Address Monitoring
Weekly Reporting
One Time Account Setup Fee (includes 1st month service)
- Configure Server for Email Compliance
- Set Up Abuse Contact
- Add Abuse Record to Directory
- Set Up Postmaster Email Address
- Activate Domain Keys
- Activate DKIM
- Set up Sender ID
- Setup Junk Mail Reporting
- Set up MSN Feedback Loop
- Set upHotmail/Live Feedback Loops
- Set up Yahoo Feedback Loop
- Set up AOL Feedback Loop
- Set up Feedback Loops for Cable ISPs
- Set up Smart Networks Monitoring
Email Server Setup (Email Compliance)
IP Addresses Included**
1 IP Address
1 IP Address
1 IP Address

* Total Emails Sent Per Month (Ex. 30,000 subscribers X 30 email broadcasts) ** Additional IPs available for $149 per month each

Looking to send higher volume or have more IPs? We can provide you with a custom quote based on your unique email solution. Contact Us Today.