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Enjoy the Long Weekend

Enjoy the Long Weekend…

We just want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day weekend...

This is a great time to get your promotions lined up and take a few days off before we dive into the fall and the holiday season.

A few ideas... (more…)

Importance of Subject Lines

Importance of Subject Lines

According to Convince and Convert, 35% of email recipients open your email based solely on the subject line.

Here are a few tips: (more…)


Top 5 Promotion Topics for the next 30 Days!

The holidays are here and it's time to take advantage of the season. There are lots of great "reasons why" you're giving discounts, offering incentives, etc.

Here are 5 Promotions You Should Consider Running:

1. "Trunk or Treat"!
Open the treasure chest to some of your best performing products

2. "Election Day"
Stay out

From Address in your messages

From Address in Your Messages

This week's tip is just a reminder to pay attention to your "from" address in your campaigns. Here are a few simple pointers and reminders.

1. Do not send using a free email service address (like, This is a big no-no and with most ISPs implementing strict DMARC Read more...

Deliverability Reminders: Email List Cleaning

Deliverability Reminders: Email List Cleaning

We wanted to just revisit some common questions that we get asked about frequently (and it's a good refresher for seasoned marketers).

So... for the next several weeks, we're going to address a different question each week to keep the snippets short, simple and actionable for you! If you have Read more...

15 Tips to Improve Your Email Program in 2016 part 1

15 Tips to Improve Your Email Program in 2016 (1 of 3)

This 3 part series is designed to help you improve your email marketing program over the next 90 days. The key is to implement small changes on a regular basis to test and track each change in your program.

1. List Building
Obviously list building is a part of

More Email in 2016

More Email in 2016…

American consumers can expect to receive even MORE email in 2016 as companies get more and more sophisticated with strategy, tactics and tools.

This means, to continue to grow as an email marketer, you've got to continue to work on your copy, your list and your relationship with your subscribers. Read more...

Dissecting Your Email List

Dissecting Your Email List

We have often talked about engagement rates, list segmentation, and overall interaction with your subscribers. However, this week, we're going to dig a little deeper and take a high level view of your list in terms of activity level/level of interest.

You'll want to look at each of these overall Read more...

2016 Marketing Calendar

Your 2016 Marketing Calendar

I know we're already into 2016, but chances are that despite your best intentions, you haven't put together a marketing calendar for the new year just yet.

That's okay! Most of us got busy over the holidays and didn't quite get all the things done going into the new year.

But