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self-hosted email

Self-Hosted Email

A self-hosted solution is actually housed in your own database and sits on your own server.

This allows you to have ultimate control over your deliverability.

In order to have this control, you are most likely going to want to look at getting your own server/hosting account with a dedicated IP address. Read more...

Autoresponse Plus

Autoresponse Plus (ARP) Security Problem

Over the past week, we’ve been made aware of a potential security issue affecting users of autoresponse plus. Currently, the instances we’ve seen have been related to ARP3 and are a serious concern.

In a nutshell, hackers are hacking into autoresponse plus accounts (not the server, but the actual email Read more...


Types of Email Marketing Software

First things first, let’s talk about the different methods in which you can use to send your email.

Most likely, if you’re doing any kind of marketing online, you’re using one of these 2 solutions.

First, we're going to talk about the types of solutions.  We basically have two main methods Read more...