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Q. Do you have seed lists available?

A. Email Delivered does have seed lists available for existing customers as an additional option. We do not offer seed lists outside of our existing customers at this time.

NOTE: By definition, seed lists are unengaged users. Therefore, we do not recommend relying entirely on such lists.

Q. How much does Email Delivered cost?

A. EmailDelivered pricing is based on your email volume. Most of our clients fall somewhere between $499 and $1299 per month. For a breakdown of pricing, please view our pricing page.

Q. How much can you improve my deliverability?

A. This depends on a number of factors including the service you’re currently using, list quality and list hygiene, recency of your list, type of content, and more. We’ve seen improvements as high as 70%. Ultimately, EmailDelivered gives you absolute control over your email marketing and deliverability without the hassles of management.

Q. Will you get us “whitelisted”?

A. During the account setup process, we submit whitelisting applications for all the major ISPs that offer the service. Even if you are accepted onto a whitelist, this is not a guarantee that your emails will be delivered to the inbox. Whitelisting is ISP specific and not permanent. You must actively maintain feedback loops, respond to all blocks, and maintain good list hygiene in order to keep your whitelist status where permitted.

Q. How long does it take to get “delisted” if we get blocked?

A. Every email provider is different. It all depends on which ISP has blocked you and why you are blocked. In many cases, we can clear up problems within a matter of a few hours. In other instances, it may take several days and/or some action on your part, such as removing bad addresses, assessing your content and modifying it to reduce spam complaints. What we can guarantee is that as soon as there is an issue, a ticket is generated, you’re assigned a Email Delivered specialist, and we begin the delisting process for you.