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Q. Does my EmailDelivered account come with consulting services?

A. Email Delivered does not provide consulting services as a part of your monthly service agreement. However, we do have consulting packages available for our customers.

Q. How does your pricing compare with other email services?

A. Pricing is competitive with 3rd party providers that send your emails from a shared IP and do not give you accurate reporting data and statistics regarding email deliverability, types of bounces, and corrective action taken. Email Delivered monitoring service is significantly lower than other services that manage and maintain your reputation, feedback loops, etc. The reason we are able to keep costs affordable is because you are using your own server resources and we are able to maintain each client on an individual basis.

Q. How long does it take to get setup with EmailDelivered?

A. Generally, we can get your account setup within 1-3 business days from the time that we have all of the necessary information and access. Complete feedback loop approval can take up to 4 business days with some of the providers.

Q. How do I reach support?

Q. How do I know if my server’s IP address(es) is/are blocked?

A. As an Email Delivered customer, you’ll have access to several tools and reports which will give you a good picture of what’s going on with your IP address at any given time.

Every day, we run a scan of your sending IP across dozens of the most popular email blacklists. If there’s a problem with a reputable blacklist, we will work to resolve that issue for you immediately.

NOTE: There are literally 100s of possible blacklists that exist. However, the ISPs and hosting providers rely on a very small number.

In addition, ISPs may also block your IP address due to specific activity such as high spam complaints, content filters, a high percentage of bad addresses, and more. In these cases, Email Delivered will take action on your behalf. In this case, you are notified that we have identified a problem and are either working to resolve the problem or provide you steps that you need to take before the ISPs will remove the block (such as clean out your bad addresses, for example).